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A New Day

Abstract painting on 640 gsm paper with bright shades of yellow, blue, black and red signifying the freshness and hope of a new day dawning
A New Day, Acrylic on Paper, 14 W x 11 H Inch

Savor this new day, for the ancient sun brings new beginnings every day!


Basking in Yellow No. 1

Textured abstract painting in shades of yellow with a bright splotches running across a mixed yellow surface
Basking in Yellow No. 1, Acrylic on Canvas, 36 x 18 Inch

Like the wind basking in a field of mustard, my mind basks in yellow..everywhere it turns there are only a million shades of yellow…

Running In My Veins No. 6

Abstract Painting_in shades of orange, green and brown signifying a fire burning and lapping up everything in its wake, signifying an artist need to create
Running in My Veins No. 6, Acrylic on Canvas, 24 x 18 Inch

Fire, just like the sun, burns but it also cleanses, it purifies and it gives life.

High Noon Dreams

Abstract Painting in blue and green signifying an abstract view of a garden with the sun shining overhead
High Noon Dreams, Acrylic on Canvas and Cardboard, 30 x 24 Inch

You find yourself in the middle of a dream, you are taking a walk in the park with the sun at its zenith, where everywhere you see it is green and fresh. You wake up, look out the window; it is high noon and the day is still young!

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