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Holding Hands

Abstract Painting in green and gold showing to small interlinked hands against a vast backdrop signifying bonds of friendship and love that stands together to face unknown forces and uncertainty
Holding Hands, Acrylic Painting on Canvas, 24 x 18 Inches

Together, the unknown becomes an adventure, dizzying possibilities become delightful, and fear is allayed by comfort. To all friends, mates and companions who hold our hands through good and bad.

Forests of Green and Gold

Abstract geometric painting in shades of brown, yellow and white representing the many shades of green and gold found in the deep forest
Forests of Green and Gold, Acrylic on Canvas, 16 x 12 Inch

The beauty and symmetry of nature one sees in a forest bathed in green and gold can only be marveled at. The deep but subtle hues, the many textures, the depth of green all around is a sight to breathe in that does wondrous things to the soul. Perhaps we should never attempt to describe it, only revel in it as nature intended.

High Noon Dreams

Abstract Painting in blue and green signifying an abstract view of a garden with the sun shining overhead
High Noon Dreams, Acrylic on Canvas and Cardboard, 30 x 24 Inch

You find yourself in the middle of a dream, you are taking a walk in the park with the sun at its zenith, where everywhere you see it is green and fresh. You wake up, look out the window; it is high noon and the day is still young!

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