Art and Abstraction

Hinglaz Bardoloi is an Indian abstract artist from Bangalore exhibiting her art globally. Abstract art gives both the artist and the viewer the freedom to delve into the subconscious and bring forth both a personal and a universal interpretation. Her work here can be viewed both thematically as listed below as well as chronologically by choosing the ‘View All Art’ menu option.

Homeward Bound: View Series

Paintings with a geometric inclination, often with bold lines, sharp edges and an urge for symmetry. They are a reflection of the quest to reach home, to carve an identity in the face of an impersonal togetherness and the unrelenting solitude of the urban labyrinth.

What Lies Beyond: View Series

Abstract paintings with a mixed palette and textures painted using fingers, brushes and found objects. The style is reminiscent of webs, yarns, lattices and mottled spaces, and signifies the artist’s struggle to grasp at what lies beyond.

Journey to the Self: View Series

Paintings that are abstractions of natural and internal landscapes, and are introspections on memory, personal history and the creative process itself.

Paintings on Paper: View Series

A series of smaller sized acrylic paintings on paper, exploring multiple themes.

In situ

View a gallery of paintings in various displays and settings.

Digital Art: Fractals and Algorithmic

Available in custom frames and prints and on various giftable merchandize.

The underlying themes of her art deals with questions of identity and of a psychological sense of belonging.

Artist Statement

The underlying themes of my art, more often than not, seem to deal with the questions of identity, of reconciling the old with the new, of inspiration and of a psychological sense of belonging, since these questions have preoccupied me for the better part of my life now. Therefore, although an intuitive and subconscious process, it is an ongoing struggle to navigate through the complex and multiple layers that seep into it.

Ultimately its a compulsive need to grapple with a blank or incomplete canvas, oftentimes losing sense of space and time till I have translated that untranslatable feeling onto the canvas. It is a meditative process, but not without its struggles and frustrations.

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