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Geometric Art


Geometric abstraction in a yellow, brown and blue palette
Re-emergence, Acrylic on canvas, 36 x 18 inch

There are more to things than meets the eye; curves harbor linearity and chaos entombs order; sometimes it takes a rearrangement of spaces and a defiance of memory for symmetry to re-emerge, once again.!

High Noon Dreams

Abstract Painting in blue and green signifying an abstract view of a garden with the sun shining overhead
High Noon Dreams, Acrylic on Canvas and Cardboard, 30 x 24 Inch

You find yourself in the middle of a dream, you are taking a walk in the park with the sun at its zenith, where everywhere you see it is green and fresh. You wake up, look out the window; it is high noon and the day is still young!

Patchwork of Desire No. 1

Patchwork of Desire no. 1, Acrylic on Canvas and Cardboard, 16 x 12 Inch

A patchwork of desire that runs amok- interrupted, determined and visible only when one stops to look back at the trail of color left behind..

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