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Textured abstract painting in light blue and black with white lines crisscrossing it giving the appearance of broken glass or pottery. Kintsugi is the Japanese traditional art of fixing old pottery with gold and silver reflecting the belief that the value of a thing goes up when it has been used and undergone damage
Kintsugi, Acrylic on Canvas, 36 x 18 Inch

Mend your broken shards with gold and silver
For they are not mere tombs that enshrine your loss
But new tales ready to be told
And the cells from which new life unfolds.

From the Ruins No. 1

Blue, pink and lavender abstract Painting made on 640 gsm paper signifying a devastated landscape in ruins. Made during the Covid Lockdown in 2020
From the Ruins No.1 , Acrylic on Paper, 15 W x 11 H Inch

The Redemption Series: From the Ruins-1
Even as old orders crumble and break, we strengthen and rebuild our worlds. Even as old havens disintegrate, we architect receptacles for a new life, from the wreckage of the old.

Acrylic on Paper, 640 gsm

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