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From the Ruins No. 1

Blue, pink and lavender abstract Painting made on 640 gsm paper signifying a devastated landscape in ruins. Made during the Covid Lockdown in 2020
From the Ruins No.1 , Acrylic on Paper, 15 W x 11 H Inch

The Redemption Series: From the Ruins-1
Even as old orders crumble and break, we strengthen and rebuild our worlds. Even as old havens disintegrate, we architect receptacles for a new life, from the wreckage of the old.

Acrylic on Paper, 640 gsm


Togetherness No. 1

Art in the geometric abstraction style with a light blue white and orange palette that make up squares of color each slightly different but belonging to the whole design signifying unity in diversity
Togetherness No. 1, Acrylic in Canvas, 30 H x 40 W Inch

The Spaces in our Togetherness Bind us Closer.