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Autumn Winds


Abstract art in warm tones of orange, red, green, brown and yellow, with tiny slashes of color on the canvas suggesting a windy autumn scene and fall harvest that signify coming changes.
Autumn Winds, Acrylic on Canvas, Height 48 Inches, Width 24 Inches

Autumn winds are the winds of change and transition, a time to harvest the past and look to the future, yet a time to stay grounded and appreciate the magnificence surrounding us that is the present.

Chromatic Fantasies

Multi-colored abstract painting with hues of different colors running across the canvas creating a rich, colorful and fantastic smear on the canvas, like ripples and tiny smears of color dancing to the notes of a musical fantasia. Created by the artist's signature style of finger painting and smear technique.
Chromatic Fantasies, Acrylic on Canvas, 30 x 22 In.

A fantasia that runs amok, searching for notes that will add to this symphony of color.

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