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Acrylic on canvas

Break, Bleed and Heal

Abstract painting in a dark palette with a texture like woven fibres interspersed with splotches of color signifying the process of healing after a break
Break, Bleed and Heal, Acrylic on Canvas, 12 H X 16 W Inch

This work is inspired by the painful process of healing that has to go through the stages of breaking and bleeding first. For there is no rebirth into a new reality before the darkness of death and destruction, till we see the light slowly shining through the crevices and through the rips and tears.


Abstract art in pink, yellow and green shades signifying the devastation caused by fury akin to that of hell
Fury, Acrylic on Canvas and Cardboard, 12 x 10 Inch

Fury, anger, hellfire, brimstone… all make up the path that the mind obsessed with desire and loss must cross.

Happenstance No. 1

Abstract painting in a light blue and lavendar palette with a textured surface showing a mottled blue gray expance with flecks of color reminiscent of the cosmos
Happenstance No. 1, Acrylic on Canvas, 27 x 9 Inch

Mindscapes that chase the undulations of movement, coincidences and serendipity and the resultant chaos that still points us to the heart of the matter.


Abstract painting in a grey white background signifying rains and storms that blow away leaves and things from the sidewalk.
Thunderstorms, Acrylic on Canvas, 30 x 40 Inch

The emotion this painting inspires in me is the power and the beauty of thunderstorms that rage both within the mind as well as outside of it. Its inherent nature remains the same; the separate beauty of the wind howling in the trees, the lashing rain, the thunder and lightning cannot alone account for its majestic beauty and the order in its chaos.

Patchwork of Desire No. 1

Patchwork of Desire no. 1, Acrylic on Canvas and Cardboard, 16 x 12 Inch

A patchwork of desire that runs amok- interrupted, determined and visible only when one stops to look back at the trail of color left behind..


Abstract Painting signifying devastation and floods caused by unchecked environmental damage that will lead to drowned cities and destroyed civilizations
Submerged, Acrylic on Canvas and Cardboard,  18 x 24 Inch

This painting reflects upon the inevitability of creation followed by destruction and where ashes to ashes and dust to dust must follow.Even great cities and civilizations that interpret and reinterpret the goals of life and living have to give way and submerge into the multiple layers of fossilized time.

Hawking’s Universe

Abstract representational painting in black and brown which is a tribute to Stephen Hawking and shows a human head looking up at the starry skies in wonder
Hawking’s Universe, Acrylic on Canvas, 36 W x 30 H Inch

This painting is my tribute to Stephen Hawking and to the vastness and complexity of the universe that he could envision with his minds eye. Hawking wanted his entropy equation engraved on his epitaph and can be seen in this painting as well as a tribute to him.

The Artist

Painting in red and white in the abstract expressionist style showing a black page on the right and swirling chaos on the right signifying the artist's struggle to create
The Artist, Acrylic on Canvas, 30 x 36 Inch

The inspiration behind this painting is the creative process itself for any artist that can mean influences that might start as chaos and gradually find order within the ‘blank page’ or the ‘tabula rasa’ of the mind. For a writer it may mean the struggle with a blank page, for a painter the synesthetic discoveries and for yet another artist just the process of distilling the core out of the swirling thoughts in the mind.

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